Xiaoming An was born in Zhoushan of Zhejiang Province, China. He is a well-known artist good at both Chinese painting and wood block. He has received many top awards in China and his art pieces have been collected by a number of museums as well as art lovers. He is now member of the China Artists Association, vice-chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Painting Research Society, council member of the New Zealand Chinese Artists Association and council member of the New Zealand Artists Association.

Xiaoming An became a New Zealand resident in 2011. Since then he has been making great efforts to explore ways of presenting the landscape of New Zealand with his unique Chinese painting skills. Watching his paintings, you can feel the mountains and seas breathing and the pulse of the clouds and waters beating. All the mountains and seas in his painting are revealing their true lives in a lively way. Xiaoming’s pure Chinese painting style and his understanding of New Zealand landscapes make his art work so unique, and so different from the Western paintings.

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